Yalısun was established in 2000 with the aim of producing various parts such as pins, bushings, hydraulic blocks for sectors such as construction machinery, concrete pumps, cranes, asphalt rollers and road sweeping machines.

Yalısun, which increases customer satisfaction with its quality and reliability, has expanded its capacity by growing with an increasing trend every year.

It continues its production in 7200 m2 open and 4800 m2 closed area in Ankara Başkent Organized Industrial Zone.

Our company, which exports 100% of its products to European countries, is the leader of its sector in the field of OEM supply.

Our company; It has the ability to perform many processes such as cutting, machining, heat treatment, grinding, welded manufacturing, semi-assembly and coating within its own structure.

As per the quality policy of our company, it monitors all processes from raw material to finished product with SAP Barcode system with 100% traceability.

Our company Breauveritas has ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certificates and constantly follows updated quality standards.

Our company, which invested in galvanizing plant in 2014, has a daily capacity of 10 tons of galvanizing with its fully automated line 2 km away in the same Organized Industrial Zone.

Our new company, which was founded in Munich, Germany under the name of YLS GMBH in 2018, enables our customers to keep their safety stock parts delivered faster.

You Yalisi; While providing optimum efficiency with its technology, system and human resources, it can respond to customer demands in a timely manner while maintaining its flexibility.

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Yalisun Company Factory


  • Başkent OSB 26. Cadde No:11 06909
    Sincan / Ankara / TURKEY


TEL: +90 312 397 47 50
FAX: +90 312 397 47 67
Mail: info@yalisun.com

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