Our vision is to increase the reliability and quality of our brand in the field of pin production of the heavy equipment, without sacrificing the principle of superior business ethics and honest behavior, by maintaining our goal of being a leader in the sector with all our employees by respecting the laws, the environment and the society, and to achieve a well-recognized and well-regarded position in the countries where we make exports.


Our mission is to contribute to the goal of sustainable success that will continue for generations on the foundations by using the resources and knowledge we obtained in the sector, in which we operate, to build a corporate culture by fulfilling our Quality, Environment, Occupational Safety and Customer satisfaction policies in accordance with national and international standards, laws and regulations.


  • Başkent OSB 26. Cadde No:11 06909
    Sincan / Ankara / TURKEY


TEL: +90 312 397 47 50
FAX: +90 312 397 47 67
Mail: info@yalisun.com

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